No 20 ,   10 September 2018

The Twilight of the War
The undermining of the right of peoples to self-determination by transnational financial elites will come to an end | by Thierry Meyssan*, Damascus (Syria)
Peace chances for the Middle East have increased
A ParsToday interview with Willy Wimmer
What does the meeting between Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin signify?
De-escalation and concentration on problem solving are the order of the day | by Karl Müller
Framework agreement with Brussels or self-determination of Swiss citizens?
Direct democratic freedom of choice as a red line | by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
Not only Switzerland has much to lose
by Dieter Sprock
Letters to the Editor
Why I’m going to vote yes
Visit to a Russian children’s home
by Maria Koch
Burnout in schoolchildren takes on alarming extents
“Food, Education and Health for everyone”
An inspiring book for family and school
Vintners’ cooperatives in the Ahr valley (Germany) – a success story
“We do not have any generational or sales problems here” | by Gerda Reuter