No 21, 18 September 2018

“Silk Road 2018 – A new approach to trading”
International Conference in Nuremberg on 25 July 2018 | by Nils Opel, Nuremberg
Intra-American power struggle – world peace in danger
Germany is still following in the wake of the US war alliance | by Willy Wimmer
Is there still a solution for the Syrian Idlib without too many victims?
How to deal with Chemnitz and Germany?
by Karl Müller
The global market must not destroy our food security and our rural agriculture
Initiative for Food Sovereignty: substantive arguments | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
“No new state control instruments, but implementation of the existing regulations!
Interview with Rudi Berli, organic farmer, member of the initiative committee for Food Sovereignty, co-director of the Uniterre farmers’ union
European Union and Europe are two different things, EFTA is forward-looking
by Dr phil Winfried Pogorzelski
Jean Ziegler: Paths of hope
by Dr Peter Küpfer
“Political ideas come and go, the children stay.”
Visit to a Russian special school | by Maria Koch