No 12, 31 May 2019

“Whistleblowers like Julian Assange are the heroes of our time”
Wir brauchen eine Charta der Rechte von Whistleblowern
UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy seriously concerned by Ecuador’s behaviour in Assange and Moreno cases
“Unfortunately, it is my belief that Julian Assange will not see a fair trial”
Excerpts from an appeal by Mairead Maguire*
A Timeline
Not only agriculture ends with the destruction of the peasantry
by Professor Dr Heinrich Wohlmeyer
Sovereignty at the service of peoples
Samir Amin – Perspectives for Africa’s independent development
Tremendous effects of the EU internal market?
Bertelsmann policy paper confirms: The gap between EU countries is becoming ever wider | by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
Building a residence with processing room and farm shop
Closer to Queen and Bear | by Max Hugentobler
Young people in Berne are championing the mountain villages
Freedom of expression in Germany is endangered
Observations after 70 years of German Basic Law | by Karl Müller
How realistic was Merkel’s “We can do it”?
Field report of a volunteer refugee helper | by Jürgen Siegenthaler*
A more direct democracy in Germany (Part 2)
Elections and party rule | by Christian Fischer
“Louise of Baden – the forgotten mother of the Red Cross”
Little attention for contributions of German culture | by Moritz Nestor