No 24, 23 September 2015

“Russia has played a very crucial role in the independence and neutrality of our country”
Interview with Oskar Freysinger, member of the National Council and of the Government Council of Valais
Angela Merkel in Switzerland – a review
Robbing Greek national wealth
by Dr phil Henriette Hanke Güttinger
Syria – from the colonial interests of Britain and France to securing raw materials for the USA
Interview with Karin Leukefeld*
Direct democracy relies on historical knowledge
by Dr phil René Roca, Forschungsinstitut direkte Demokratie*
The significance of direct democracy to secure social peace (part 5)
People’s rights as a instrument and guide in the economic crisis | by Dr rer publ Werner Wüthrich
Art as a “textbook of life”
On Russian 19th century painting and the work of the “Peredvizhniki” | by Urs Knoblauch, painter and cultural publicist
Manifesto for Europe
We want Europe to be based on peace and justice!