No 8, 22 March 2015

“Solidarity from left to right” is necessary against TTIP and TiSA
Interview with National Councillor Jacqueline Badran, SP/ZH
“We would have to adopt future legislation automatically”
Interview with National Councillor Roland Rino Büchel, SVP (Swiss People’s Party)/SG, Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committees
Prosperity for all?
by Thomas Kaiser
The myth of free trade
by Reinhard Koradi, Dietlikon/Switzerland
The politics of the Federal Council are increasing dependence from abroad
“Counter-proposal” of the Federal Council to the Initiative for Food Safety is extremely questionable Interview with National Councillor Rudolf Joder, SVP/BE
Counter-proposal to the popular initiative “food security” – a sham
by Dr phil Henriette Hanke Güttinger
Iceland withdraws from application for EU membership
Nobel Prize for Peace for Merkel?
by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer
Russian sanctions: The front of the proponents is disintegrating
Birth hour and obstetricians of the Taliban
by Dr phil Matin Baraki
Competence orientation under fire
by Rainer Werner*
Letter to the editor
Competences instead of knowledge according to Curriculum 21
“Herzroute” – the world’s most beautiful panoramic tour
A picture book cycling tour through Switzerland | by Heini Hofmann