No 1, 15 January 2016

“We are well-advised to prepare for conflicts, crises and disasters”
by Lieutenant General André Blattmann, Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces
Syria - A peace agreement which would allow the losers to save face
by Thierry Meyssan
Community of values?
by Dieter Sprock
The German Federal Republic must not enter into war!
Prevent nuclear war!
Why alternatives to the US neo-conservatives’ war policy and to NATO are a bid for survival of humanity | by Paul Craig Roberts*
“We need an exit from the sanctions”
A criticism of the extension of the EU sanctions against Russia | by Eckhard Cordes*
“A very dirty war is taking place in Yemen – but the world puts up with it”
Interview with Fritz Edlinger*, Secretary General of the Society for Austro-Arab Relations, GÖAB
Germany 2016 – The country needs the rule of law and not the state of emergency
by Karl Müller
“Basic needs are increasingly becoming business affairs”
Interview taken from with Norbert Wohlfahrt*
“What happpened to the EU Withdrawal Referendum?”
by Inge Rauscher, representative of the EU-Withdrawal-Referendum
“All of us have something to give”
by Nicole Duprat*
What will become of the Nobel Peace Prize?
A journalist from Austria has taken up Fredrik Heffermehl’s analyses | by Rainer Schopf
The art of track reading
Footprints in the snow – but left by whom? | by Heini Hofmann