No 19, 14 September 2016

Sovereign national state and international stability in the current era
by Prof Dr Ilias Iliopoulos*
Focussing again on the rights and duties of the national states
For a Europe as a collaboration of sovereign states which respect the right and preserve peace | by Karl Müller
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton stands for war

by Hannes Hofbauer

Trump, candidate for peace?
by Rainer Rupp
Migrants at the Swiss South border
Inventory from the Swiss perspective | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Correctly recognising the signs of the times Is Germany preparing for a war?
Consequences for Switzerland
Think of emergency supply
“He would rather put his money into a crate…”
About the ethical cooperation banking association’s responsibility | by Georg Koch
Responsibility for the whole
“Isenthaler Wildheuer und Wildheulandschaft” (Isenthal wild haymaking and landscape of wild hay harvesting) awarded the Landscape of the Year 2016 by the ‘Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation (SL-FP)’ | by Urs Knoblauch,