No 27/28,    14 November 2017

Direct democracy is based on honesty, mutual respect and mutual trust
Inconsistencies in the Federal Council’s policy | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Performance and political stability thanks to our federalism
by Pierre-Gabriel Bieri
“They are the true face of France”
by Natacha Polony, France
UN expert calls for democratisation of the media
International Day of Democracy – Friday 15 September 2017
The Catalans have the right to choose their future freely
by Dr phil René Roca, “Forschungsinstitut direkte Demokratie”* (Research Institute Direct Democracy)
Out of the frying pan into the fire?
by Karl Müller
Taxes and finances in Switzerland – determined by the people
State political background and its history | by Dr rer publ. Werner Wüthrich
Switzerland is breeding young IT zombies, who do not understand our complex world
by Klaus J. Stöhlker*
Children should continue to learn cursive*
Letter to the editor
Educational reforms – viewed through rose coloured glasses
A troubled child finds its way
How empathising can have an impact on children’s development and learningA teacher tells about her work | by Miriam Spalinger
The rabbits of St. Peter’s Island – an obituary
Martin Luther was mistaken and Jean-Jacques Rousseau cheated | by Heini Hoffmann