No 4, 23 February 2018

History is kicked aside in preparation for next catastrophe
by Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary in the German Ministry of Defence
It’s about our dignity
Fundamentals of the stock market and preparation for war | by Karl Müller
“War and peace in the media”
by Rainer Schopf
The Good Services – foreign policy instrument par excellence of neutral Switzerland
Interview with Toni Frisch by Radio SRF*
Sweden is a de facto NATO member, and Switzerland will soon be?
Why a framework agreement cannot work Switzerland is wired differently
by Robert Seidel
VW Dieselgate: Economic war or fraud?
by Dr-Ing Ernst Pauli
Educational reforms and “Change Management” put to the test
Conference Report: Time for Change? | by Professor Dr Karl-Heinz Dammer*