No 15/16, 16 June 2015

A major debate about the new trade agreements TTIP and TiSA is urgently needed
by Thomas Kaiser
“By means of TiSA the ‘service public’ will be abolished”
Interview with Stefan Giger, Secretary-General VPOD (Union of Public Service Employees)
“Secret contracts are incompatible with our political system.”
Interview with National Councillor Lukas Reimann, Swiss People’s Party, SVP
Letters to the editor
“Every joint deployment with NATO is questionable” – “Sabre-rattling against Russia’s gates?”
by Thomas Kaiser
Curriculum 21: media and computer science - and what about media competence?
by Dr phil Bernadette Fontana
Enabling our children to deal with media
Interview with Uwe Buermann, pedagogical-therapeutic media advisor*
Curriculum 21: Apple ready for take off
Screen or love?
by Moritz Nestor, psychologist and anthropologist
Not a referendum is disastrous, but the cost of the Curriculum 21 are
Arguments for the Thurgau popular initiative against Curriculum 21 and for amending of the Public School Act
Put Curriculum 21 to vote!
IG (Interest Group) for a good Thurgau Elementary School
Reviving the idea of sovereignty
A multipolar world needs rules for peaceful coexistence | by Karl Müller
Is the EU planning fast access to savers’ money?
Failure of the US coup d’état in Macedonia
by Thierry Meyssan
Where are the voices of the mankind’s humanitarian conscience?
On the significance of direct democracy to ensure social peace (part 2)
Economic system and direct democracy | by Dr rer publ. W. Wüthrich
The citizens don’t let anybody fool them