No 18, 17 July 2015

Thank you, Greece!
Letter by Ögmundur Jónasson* to the Greek population
TPP, TTIP etc. – “political treaties to abolish democracy and State sovereignty “
Interview with Alfred de Zayas, Professor and Doctor of law and philosophy
“The Troika itself created this deadlock…”
by Karin Beindorff
Truth Committee on public debt
Special committee of the Greek parliament Summary of the previous results so far, 17 June 2015
UN human rights experts welcome Greek referendum and call for international solidarity
The Eastern Committee of German industry calls for removal of sanctions
Redemption of sanctions should accompany the Minsk peace process and should not be placed at the end – 150,000 jobs threatened by export slump
Stop starving out the people of Syria! End the embargo, so that Syria can live in peace!
Take care of the communes – they lay the foundation for a prosperous coexistence
Interview with Hans Peter Gantenbein, mayor of Wuppenau (TG), 29 May 2015
“Austria one step closer to a binding referendum on the withdrawal from the EU!”
Power station Switzerland
by Dr-Ing. Ernst Pauli