No 25, 6 October 2015

“On-site assistance – that is the Swiss principle”
Withdrawal from Partnership for Peace Interview with National Councillor Luzi Stamm, member of the Foreign Policy Committee
Wanted: Representatives who are not casting one eye at Brussels
by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
An alliance from left to right in the National Council disapproved of transport aircraft
New US-nuclear weapons in Germany – a concealed military build-up
by Herbert Klar and Ulrich Stoll
“Stop the erosion of democracy”
UN rights experts urge Governments across the world by Prof Dr iur. et phil. Alfred de Zayas* and Dr Maina Kiai**
Democracy and its praxis
New developments in the Middle East?
The solution of the Syrian crisis, an important step towards a multipolar world
by Georges Corm* and Gabriel Galice**, Geneva
Letter to the editor
Foundations in the role of instigators
Swiss education policy in the sights of international foundations | by Peter Aebersold
Politics must rest on ethics
by Moritz Nestor*
Politics must rest on ethics
by Moritz Nestor*
Citizens’ letter for peace and democracy
by Christian Fischer and Emil Brütsch, Germany