No 26 ,   18 October 2015

The accession to a supranational organisation leads to the disintegration of the Swiss political system
by Thomas Kaiser, historian
Is Switzerland a sovereign state?
Considerations to the federal elections | by Reinhard Koradi, President “Komitee selbstbewusste freie Schweiz” (Committee for a confident and free Switzerland)
Letter to the editor
“Assistance on-site as a Swiss principle”
International criminal courts must not be misused
Interview with Dick Marty *, conducted on 2 October 2015 – the morning show of the French Swiss RTS – “Radio Télévision Suisse”
“Moscow sticks to the rules”
by Willy Wimmer
The World beyond Global Disorder
“The identity of Sri Lanka must be redefined”
We need a reconciliation process in the relationship between Tamils and Singhalese | Interview with Professor SJ. Emmanuel, President of the Global Tamil Forum
The string-pullers behind the scenes
How transatlantic networks are secretly subverting democracy | Interview with Hermann Ploppa, author of the book “Die Macher hinter den Kulissen” (The string-pullers behind the scenes)
Judge at the German Constitutional Court warns: “The essence of the rule of law, the containment of politics by the law, has lost its effective power”
There is no alternative to more direct democracy | by Karl Müller
Now everything is clear again: La Suiza exista!
“Alphorns instead of halberds” – the Expo Milano hit | by Heini Hofmann