No 31,    19 Dezember 2015

“We are a world of equals, and we should let nobody take this from us”
by Willy Wimmer
The uncontrollable Turkish watchdog of the United States
by Prof Dr Albert A. Stahel, “Institut für Strategische Studien, Wädenswil” (Switzerland)
War in Syria – what for?
by Karl Müller
There is no self-empowerment in international law
Interview excerpt with international law expert Prof Dr Hans-Joachim Heintze at Ruhr-Universität Bochum with Deutschlandradio Kultur
Security policy on the wrong track!
The fight against terrorism cannot be won by military activism
Setting the course for the sovereignty of the European nation states
No overthrow of national law by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) Interview with Ruedi Lustenberger, former President of the National Council
Introduction of Curriculum 21 – in many cantons ever more doubtful
Zurich: “Referendum on Curriculum 21” submitted On Friday, 27 November 2015, the initiative committee submitted the cantonal popular initiative “Lehrplan vors Volk” with more than 12,000 signatures – 6,000 are necessary for a realisation. The initiative d
Thurgau people vote on Curriculum 21
The Initiative Committee goes on
Schwyz: No school reconstruction from above and outside – the people are to decide on the elementary school
Opposition parties in Baden–Württemberg criticise the Green-Red government’s education policy
by ‘Arbeitskreis Schule und Bildung in Baden-Württemberg; www.
The presidential elections in Belarus
Confirmation of the independent way | by Prof Dr Peter Bachmaier*
If freedom of the press has to give way to higher interests
by Stefan Haderer*
“Man must never cease to be human” (A. Schweitzer)
What does Albert Schweitzer have to tell us in todays world? | by Sigrid Schiller
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