No 32/33, 31 December 2015

A view on the commemorative year 2015
by Dr phil. René Roca, Institute of Research on Direct Democracy
The cooperative principle – its significance for justice and peace*
by Dr Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller
Development of EU law – What does it mean for Switzerland?
Considerations from a viewpoint concerned with constitutional law and the politics of sovereignty | Interview with Thomas Minder (Canton of Schaffhausen), member of the Swiss Council of States
Letter to the editor
A protection clause – what for?
Only thriving for sovereignty may have a future
by Karl Müller
by Hermann Ploppa*, Germany
The importance of dialogue between civilizations for international relations**
by Prof. Dr. DDr. h.c. Hans Köchler
An addendum to the climate conference
50 years ago Mobutu Sese Seko revolted in the Congo (part 1)
A never-ending Kleptocracy? | by Dr Peter Küpfer
“Understanding the sick person”
Towards a medicine of care | by Dr med Sabine Vuilleumier-Koch
Teaching and educating – a school’s task
by Dr Bernadette Fontana, special pedagogue and psychologist
Letter to the editor
People will vote on Curriculum 21
100 years “Christmas Eve”
by Hedwig Schär