No 6/7, 10 March 2015

Strengthening family farms
Interview with Markus Müller, owner of a small farm
What can the free trade agreement TTIP accomplish?
The crisis of the United States is a manifestation of decline
An inner history of the New America | by Prof Dr Klaus Hornung
Water supplies in the Valais in danger
The power supply is a joint effort – it is important to take care of it (Part 2) | by Dr rer publ Werner Wüthrich
“Whatever solution you want to make, at the end you should go back to the people through a referendum”
An interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Gen. Wesley Clark: “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies”
by Daniel McAdams
Letter to the editor
Curse of the evil deed
Do unilateral sanctions violate human rights?
The UN Human Rights Council commissioned an investigation | by Thomas Kaiser
Europe and Russia – who wants war, who wants peace?
by Karl Müller
“Putin is the perfect devil for the US and NATO”
Interview with Philippe de Villiers*, French politician and writer
Agricultural corporations appropriate the fertile farmlands of Ukraine
“For me it is important that every child can develop”
A visit to the Astrid Lindgren special school in Weisswasser | Interview with the headmistress Christiane Burges
Meetings organised by the Genossenschaft Zeit-Fragen/ Current Concerns at the Leipzig book fair
“... and your own emergency supply?”
Considerations in a politically unstable time