Saudi air strikes on Yemen violate international law and sovereignty

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia started a series of air strikes in Yemen; According to reports, it relocated 150,000 soldiers, supported by more than 100 combat aircrafts, who attacked Shiite Houthi rebels , who are involved in a bloody civil war with the government of Yemen led by the Sunni majority.
The major Saudi military intervention in Yemen is a clear violation of international law, which could have significant consequences for the entire region, Dr Hans Köchler, president of the International Progress Organization (IPO) in Austria explained to Sputnik.
“The foreign military intervention in Yemen is a clear violation of international law, in particular Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter, which prohibits the use of force in relations between states,”Köchler said who presides the organization that is also counselling the UN.
According to Köchler the unilateral action of Saudi Arabia and its allies cannot be justified as an act of “collective self-defense“ in terms of the UN Charter in any way.
“In fact, it is an interference in a civil war on the side of one conflict party, and it will worsen the internal conflict and complicate a solution,“ the professor added.
Köchler emphasized, Riads approach threatened to ignite a great conflict in the complete region along the Sunni-Shiite divide, which could have severe consequences throughout the Arab world. Bomb attacks that were carried out on Wednesday by the Saudi-led coalition of the Gulf States killed 65 people, so a local government source reported to Sputnik.
The Saudi Ambassador to the US, Adel Jubair, said his country will do that, “to protect the legitimate government of Yemen from the fall.”

Source: [former Ria Novosti] from 26.3.2015

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