No 12,    28 May 2016

TTIP – international arbitration courts – an assault on democracy and the state of law
Human Richts comatibility of investor-state arbitration in international Investor-Protection Agreements
“It is time for Europe to return to its own culture”
EFTA free trade versus globalisation made in USA | by Dieter Sprock
TTIP or the entrenchement of US hegemony in Europe?
by Stefan Haderer
The Greek tragedy, next act Torture without purpose and sense
by René Zeyer
Brazil – misled, humiliated and robbed
Knocked back for decades in its development shortly after the Government was overthrown
How Angela Merkel is dismantling the CDU – and why this should concern all Germans
by Karl Müller
CETA shall apply already “preliminary”
by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer
Putting the person back in the centre of medicine
by Nicole Duprat, teacher, France
Eugenic “Dreams of Genetics”
by Moritz Nestor
Federalism and direct democracy in the Swiss school system
On the popular vote about three education-bills in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
“Strong School of Basel-Landschaft”: How to deal democratically with school questions
Interview with Jürg Wiedemann, “Strong School of Basel-Landschaft”
Wien – Marsch für die Familie