No 13, 18 June 2016

“American dominated NATO is building a new wall straight through Europe”
“Germany does not send the signals that only Germany can achieve” | Interview with Willy Wimmer
The sanctions against Syria and the Syrians must be lifted immediately
Appeal of Christian dignitaries from Syria
Brexit opponents paint a picture of doom for the country
But there is an alternative to the EU | by Karl Müller
Van der Bellen wants to raise EU submission to a dogma that supersedes democratic decisions
Non-party Persons Committee to exit EU: Abolish postal votes again!
Natural Law – the foundation of justice and peace
Urs Knoblauch, cultural journalist, Fruthwilen TG
“Natural Law – sources and significance for the present“
Agriculture and direct democracy (Part 1)
From the beginning to First World War by Dr rer publ Werner Wüthrich
Letter to the editor
Continued adherence of the Federal Council to the thousand franc note and to the new banknote series
Elephant of Murten − 150 years anniversary – a tragicomic lesson
“Executed” with an artillery cannon | by Heini Hofmann*