No 18, 23 August 2018

A prosperous and equitable development for all is possible – here and now
It is not real economy but false theories that prevent real economic development | Interview with Professor Richard A. Werner
Turkey, Russia – François Hollande’s permanent “Munich”
by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan*, France
What does the strength of a country characterise?
Current reflections on socio-psychological processes | by Dr Barbara Hug, psychologist
Being a citizen on the way towards a multipolar world
by Karl Müller
Who will be Austria’s next president?
Direct democracy as a touchstone
Letter to the editor
“A crescendo of the powers of peace is possible”
Maintain neutrality!
Swiss exercise in close proximity to Russia
125 years popular initiatives to amend the Federal Constitution
A blessing for Switzerland – a model for other peoples | by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
The assessment of the validity of popular initiatives being a matter of the Parliament
Interview with State Councillor Thomas Minder (no party affiliation, SH)
What are the reasons for English at an early age in Switzerland?
by Gisela Liebe
Lucerne Foreign Language Initiative and direct democracy
Warm mountain water for sustainable fish farming
Tropenhaus Frutigen, a tropical house in the alps, as pioneer of land-based aquaculture | by Heini Hofmann