Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

cc. In the recent weeks and months the European leading media have strikingly strong voiced their opinion about the US election campaign of the next presidency. The tenor is as forced into line: Donald Trump is the personification of evil, while Hillary Clinton was not an angel, but in any case she was the better choice. And if ever anyone is for Trump and against Clinton, then he must stand on the far right. Interesting to note, that now also voices from the rather left located faction have raised their hand and measure the two presidential candidates on their significance for peace in Europe. These arguments deserve attention. And lead to the question, whose interests and plans those serve who speak out so vociferously against Trump and in favour of Clinton. By the way: Neocon warmongers like former US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz have decided to vote for Hillary Clinton (Spiegel online from 26.08.2016).