No 2, 26 January 2016

How China sees Russia and the United States
Beijing and Moscow are close, but not allies | by Fu Ying, Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China*
“NATO is killing us with this course, and does so with the active support of our own German government”
Interview with Willy Wimmer*
Demanding to end sanctions against Russia
Huge financial losses for agricultural businesses
“Limiting the consequences of the finance casino in Switzerland by means of direct democracy”
A transaction tax of 0.2 per cent would amount to 200 billion Swiss francs per year | Interview with Professor Marc Chesney
Unpredictable price developments with devastating impact on small farmers
Interview with Caroline Morel, Managing Director of Swissaid*
From the parliamentary debate: Arguments of a high standard
Foundations increasingly set the tone in education policy
by Wolfgang van Biezen
Language- and educational policies as imperialistic power policy
Thank God we have the German-speaking Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education
by Michael Schewski, real-life satirist
Providing orientation through history
Historical amnesia as a programme | by Carl Bossard*
God forbid – media do not manipulate, do they?