No 20, 23 September 2016

Reaffirming our common security values
Interview with Colonel Alain Bergonzoli, director of the Police Academy of Savatan, Switzerland.
Migration on the Swiss South border – rules also apply for migrants
by Dr jur Marianne Wüthrich
Are legal vacuums developing in Switzerland?
Police calls for broad support by population and policy
On the decline of German “mainstream” and the possibility of ethically oriented politics
by Karl Müller
Where does the EU drift to?
Mass migration and state failure – legal, political and cultural aspects of the refugee crisis
Prof Dr phil Dr h.c. Dr h.c. Hans Köchler *
TTIP – the legal form of the arbitration
by Dario Rivolta*
Bologna, Pisa, Curriculum 21
What have educational reforms to do with cultural hegemony? | by Dieter Sprock
The significance of singing for our souls
by Rita Brügger
Switzerland’s biggest alpine cheese dairy
An inspiring model for all alpine regions | by Heini Hofmann