No 28, 13 December 2016

Popular initiative “For Food Security”
No “walls up policy”, but a commandment of the hour – not only for Switzerland | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
The initiative’s core piece is strengthening domestic production
A criticism of the Council of States’ counter draft | Interview with Hansjörg Rüegsegger, President SALS Switzerland1, President of Berne Farmers’ Federation (“Bauernverband”), Riggisberg (BE) and board member of Swiss Farmers’ Union (SFU)
The Swiss hydro power and its future
by Narcisse Seppey, Hérémence VS
Initiative or counter draft? Considerable statements on democracy and bureaucracy
by Thomas Minder, independent Councillor of States (Canton of Schaffhausen)
What I expect of Donald Trump …
Interview with Prof Dr iur et phil Alfred de Zayas
Illegal wars – How Nato countries undermine UN
A chronicle by Daniele Ganser | by Johannes Irsiegler
Letters to the Editor
Why I cannot trust our politics anymore …
by Karl Müller
Hacker attacks – “Enemy Image of Russia” shown to be propaganda
The idea and practice of cooperatives are UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
Education – Humboldt or McKinsey?
by Carl Bossard
“Teachers in the future should be allowed to teach the way they wish”
Committee for a good “Thurgauer Volksschule”
“Bündnerfleisch”1 – cultural heritage and export hit
by Heini Hofmann