No 13,   15 June 2017

“Stop to fabricate imaginery threats from Russia”
Vladimir Putin in an exclusive interview with the French newspaper “Le Figaro” | by Alexis Brézet, journalist and columnist, chief editor “Le Figaro”, and Renaud Girard, geopolitician and columnist at “Le Figaro” for international politics
Europe after the Trump visit
by Karl Müller
The “One Belt, One Road” project opens doors for economic development and more sovereignty
The old globalisation model is obsolete
The B&R summit forum in beijing – great success
by Zivadin Jovanovic*, Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals
Hungary under pressure NGOs and foundations thwart democratic development
Swisscoy – unlimited Swiss army deployment under NATO command in Kosovo?
It is time for an orderly retreat | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
A travel report on Burkina Faso
A study trip to development and cooperation | by Rosi and Claude Dougoud
“Bauer unser” (“Our Peasant”)
“Cheap food – dearly bought” – a film review | by Marita Koch
Reading – royal road to the development of the mind
by Brigitte von Bergen and Dr Peter Küpfer
“First the Curriculum 21 – and now the access to the children aged zero to four?”
A whitepaper on early childhood education, care and upbringing in Switzerland | by Dieter Sprock