Against the privatisation of schools

km. In Germany, more than 124,000 citizens (as of 18 June) have already protested in an Online-Petition against the planned privatisation in the area of public schools. The petitioners are afraid that, due to the new change in constitutional law in Germany on 2 of June 2017 by the German Federal Council and the German Federal Parliament, this will widely open the door for further privatisation. A new Article, 104c, enabled the government to provide money for the financially weak communities through the financing of their duties in the school area. This mainly affects the furnishing and material equipment of the schools. Up to now, 3.5 billion euros are planned. An accompanying law, the promotion of communal investment law, plans, that with this money, so-called Public Private Partnerships can be promoted from which private investors are involved in the financing and shaping of public responsibilities. This is a fatal temptation especially for those financially weak communities! (compare with “Kapital Bildung” (Capital Education),, as well as “Schulprivatisierung per Grundgesetz” (School privatisation via constitutional law),    •