No 19,    15 August 2017

von Erika Vögeli
US Congress decides on new sanctions against Russia
The whole of Europe is treated like a US colony
“A clear breach of international law”
Answer to questions of Current Concerns (28 July 2017) | by Professor Dr phil Dr h.c. Dr h.c. Hans Köchler*
“Extraterritorial application of US laws contravenes international law”
by Professor Dr iur et phil Alfred de Zayas*
Anja Tuw from Gorlovka tells about the Donbass and her own life
by Brigitte Queck
«We are actually just a blink of an eye away from a war»
US Congress issued a new notorious «Bill» on sanctions against Russia. Where will this lead us? | Interview by Prof. Dr. Alexander Sosnowski, editor-in-chief of World economy, with Willy Wimmer, Under Secretary of State ret.
Is Nuclear Deterrence Dead?
Remarks on the adoption of the Treaty to ban nuclear weapons | Media Release of the French “Action of Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament” (ACDN) from 8 July 2017
Food security must be ensured.
No to the counter-/contrary proposal «Food security» | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Proposals for a new world financial architecture
Unemployed – hopeless – violent – this should not be the future of our young people
by Prof Dr Heinrich Wohlmeyer
Germany before (and after) the Bundestagelections
by Karl Müller
People’s sovereignty in Germany?
Hans Herbert von Arnim calls for more direct democracy
Natural Law and Direct Democracy
Letter to the Editor
Heinrich Pestalozzi – modern and up to date
Toni Hagen’s 100th birthday, a pioneer of development aid
A brilliant example of humanity | by Heini Hofmann
Yemen: Cholera Epidemic Demands more and more Victims
SRF-interview of Isabelle Jacobi with Peter Maurer, President IKRK