No 25,   19 October 2017

Why are nuclear weapons proliferated?
The example of North Korea | by Jacques Sapir *
Russia and the Great Revolution, 1917-2017
by Prof Dr Dr h.c. Peter Bachmaier*
US – Preserve the country’s unity
by Jim Jatras*
Develop public service human-based
Example of resistance: no breakdown of SBB sales offices in the country | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Germany: The electorate induced a political quake
by Rainer Schopf
How are the people in Germany doing?
Elisabeth Koch, Germany
Elections to the German Bundestag: symptoms of a split society
by Karl Müller
“iigfädlet”* – Eastern Switzerland’s textile history
Exhibitions and events until 29 October 2017 | by Brigitte von Bergen