No 32,   31 December 2017

Europe and Russia – No further jeopardising of commonalities
The event with Gabriele Krone-Schmalz and Matthias Platzeck in Eastern Brandenburg (Germany) met with great interest | by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller
US, NATO and EU – a joint war coalition
by Willy Wimmer, State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Defense retd.
NATO continues to prepare deployment area in Eastern Europe
Peacebuilding measures are becoming ever more urgent
Take over of OSCE Chairmanship to Italy
Hardly any progress for Eastern Ukraine
EU-drums-of-war – is this a motivation to campaign for a better world?
by Karl Müller
“In the Spiderweb of Secret Services – Why were Olof Palme, Uwe Barschel and William Colby murdered?”
by Dr Barbara Hug
Letter to the Editor
There is nothing to be expected from Macron
Family as school of life b
y Sonja van Biezen, psychologist
Peruvian Department of Education withdraws “gender ideology” school curriculum
Teacher would be, no, it is a fulfilling profession
by David Holzmann
Curriculum 21 – Did the dice fall?
New learning techniques or paradigm shift?
Reading as a cultural achievement – how people are connected to books
by Tankred Schaer
Painted reverence for the creation
100 years Mili-Weber-House – an oasis of arts in the forest above St Moritz by Heini Hofmann