No 3/4, 6 February 2017

Corporate Tax Reform III – by order of the OECD
How can the sovereign state of Switzerland deal with it? by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
“The suicide of farmers is a warning”
by Olivier Delacrétaz, Lausanne
“By no means a gift to the farmers”
A plea for the federal law on the taxation of agricultural and forestry properties | Interview with National Councillor Olivier Feller, FDP Waadt
Agriculture and direct democracy (Part 3)
The people set the course after the Second World War | by Dr rer publ. W. Wüthrich
Information bioterrorism – a new form of global manipulation
An interview with Dr Alexander Kouzminov, New Zealand
Alleged Russian involvement in the US – campaign
Dubious report of the intelligence services | by Nicola Ferronato, political scientist
What about the mature citizen?
Contribution to the destroying of books and culture by the “digital revolution” | by Urs Knoblauch, cultural publicist, Fruthwilen
Letters to the editor
Learning without a teacher
Abysses of new learning culture | by Christoph Türcke
Plea for a politics with ethics
A remark on current affairs | by Karl Müller