No 6, 8 March 2017

Germany’s role in the Syrian conflict
by Dr Salem El-Hamid, Chairman of the Deutsch-Syrische Gesellschaft DSG* (German-Syrian Society DSG*)
Syria – between civil war and world war
by Wolfgang van Biezen
Dialogue instead of hysterical information wars
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s address at the 53rd Munich Security Conference, 18 February 2017
Germany’s sinister role in global politics
by Karl Müller
Media – Europe part of an intra-American conflict?
What role could Europe play?
CETA – fait accompli against democracy
by Natacha Polony, France
“Post-truth” – a big deception

by Jacques Perrin, Aubonne VD

A cultural heritage of humanity
by Dietmar Berger*
Cooperatives – more than a legal form, more than a mere cultural heritage
by Dr Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller
Events of the “cooperative Zeit-Fragen/ Current Concerns” at the Leipzig Book Fair
Against rural depopulation of the younger generation – a vegetable garden for the family
by Philippe Randin, head of “Nouvelle Planète”, Lausanne
“Where is our country headed?”
by Moritz Nestor