No 8 4 April 2017

NATO is endangering our security
by Gabriel Galice, Daniele Ganser and Hans von Sponeck
On the role of the West in the Ukraine Crisis
by Dario Rivolta*
Movement in German-Russian relations?
Nikolai Starikov: The tragedy of Ukraine – a geopolitical diary
by Dr Barbara Hug
“We decide”
The right to binding popular vote is to be incorporated into the Austrian Federal Constitution
Back to field 1
Federal Council reaching its limits in the negotiations with EU
Which foreign policy position for Switzerland?

by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Freedom of expression, security and respect for the law
Interview with Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter (excerpts)
Why many of the previous free trade agreements do not correspond to the conditions of the common good
by Ewald Wetekamp
… because democracy is part of human dignity
by Karl Müller
Respect the democratic rules!
Media release of the Zurich committee “Lehrplan vors Volk!” from 15 March 2017
Letter to the editor
Pisa crash – Curriculum 21 jeopardises direct democracy
“Rose for Tamara” – a “human contact with the enemy”

by Moritz Nestor
What pedagogical passion can bring about
by Carl Bossard*