“No ban on thinking”

ds. Only the diehards are able to plead today for rapprochement with the EU or even accession to the EU. After 26 years of EU mismanagement, the enlightened cosmopolitan citizen, who does not live with blinders, has long understood that the 30,000 – or depending on the source, even 80,000 – civil servants in Brussels do not provide any impetus for “more contests and economic efficiency”. He understands that the talk of “reform backlog” and “structural change” means putting profit before human welfare and laying off 80, 500 or even 1000 workers and transferring branches of industry or entire companies abroad, because the group is not supposed to make 15% but 18% profit and wages abroad are lower. He has long understood that the demand to “drop the illiberal bans on thinking and taboos” requires him to give up independent thinking and that “foreign policy opening” means isolation in the EU internal market and the abandonment of direct democracy. He just can’t be fooled by an X for a U anymore.    •