No 15/16, 13 July 2018

The Raiffeisenbanks in Switzerland and the principle of cooperation
by Dr phil René Roca*
Summit of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
“The purpose of Raiffeisen is the common self-help”
Felix Walker calls for the bank to return to its cooperative roots | by Georg Koch
What can Germany hope for?
by Karl Müller
Europeans should not follow the American sanctions against Iran!
by Roland Hureaux, essayist, France
Letter to the Editor
North Korea and the USA: finally a to-get-together approach
Angela Merkel definitely rejects Emmanuel Macron’s United States of Europe
by Alain Morau*
The front against Russia is caving in
by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer
“Working for human rights takes patience, perseverance and passion”
Interview with Professor Dr iur. et phil. Alfred de Zayas
More than a well-founded plea against German war policy
Willy Wimmer’s new book „Germany in Upheaval“ | by Johannes Irsiegler
Human trafficking and sexual slavery along the Danube
by Dr phil. Barbara Hug
The need for ethical and moral reconsideration
On the new publication “Natural Law and Morality in a Pluralistic Society” | by Urs Knoblauch, cultural publicist, Fruthwilen TG
Inclusion – progress or regression?
by Dr phil. Judith Barben, psychologist and primary school teacher
What good team spirit is capable of
A possibly record-breaking school class | by Heini Hofmann