No 23, 16 October 2018

Will there be a regime change in Iran?
by Matin Baraki*
Statement by the editors of the French EU-critical monthly magazine “Ruptures”, Paris
Safeguarding the Swiss state model
Popular initiative “Swiss law instead of foreign judges” (Self-Determination Initiative) | by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
Letter to the Editor
The “Ohi-Day” – a Greek national holiday
“The EU is behaving like an agency for the enforcement of global financial and power interests.”
by Dieter Sprock
What is needed in Germany – constitutional law instead of political propaganda
by Karl Müller
From censorship to the mainstream Media and mass manipulation
by Robert Seidel
An alternative to nationalisation and globalisation
On the conference about the Principle of Cooperatives of the Research Institute Direct Democracy | by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller
“The historical knowledge of the meaning of direct democracy is essential.”
Interview with Dr. René Roca, Director of the Research Institute for Direct Democracy FidD
Why Beat Richner didn’t get a Nobel Peace Prize
On the death of the active peace maker | by Professor Dr med. David Holzmann