No 24,    30 October 2018

Internationale Beziehungen in einer multipolaren Welt
von Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Hans Köchler
When human rights become a weapon
by Prof Dr iur. et phil. Alfred de Zayas*
The people want to set the course themselves
by Werner Wüthrich, D. Sc. (Admin.)
Direct democracy facing a practical test
by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
Indispensable white gold – the well-established Swiss salt supply system
by Peter Aebersold and Eliane Perret
After the elections in Bavaria
by Karl Müller
Propaganda is marching
by Christian Fischer
The glut of money
Draghi has emulated in real life what Mephisto explained in advance as a fairy tale | by Prof. Dr Eberhard Hamer*
Do not rely on politics – turn active yourself
Civil rights activist Vera Lengsfeld on democracy in Germany
Impressions from Saxony
by Rita Brügger