No 25,    12 November 2018

Self-determination – a human right
by Erika Vögeli
Accepting the self-determination initiative means strengthening direct democracy
by Dr phil. René Roca, Research Institute for Direct Democracy (
Politics going over everybody’s head
With its hasty approval of the UN migration pact, the Bundesrat is losing its grip on reality
The UN Global Compact for Migration shows the urgency of the Self-determination Initiative
In the interest of all states: work for peace in Syria – now!
by Karl Müller
The Silk Road and Israel
by Thierry Meyssan
The NATO Wall
by Yvan Blot, France*
Push for a direct democratic reform of the economy
The People’s Initiative of the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland SPS of 1943 and further submittals | by Dr rer. publ. Werner Wüthrich
A stage victory for pedagogical reason
Study by the University of Bonn shows the success of structured spelling didactics | by Gisela Liebe
Ulrike – a story about the work of Friedrich Fröbel
by Rita Brügger
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