No 3, 8 Febrary 2018

“The control mechanisms in the current financial system have become so overwhelming”
Quadragesimo Anno more topical than ever | by Professor graduate engineer rer. nat. Dr iur. Heinrich Wohlmeyer
It’s true: NATO with its eastward expansion has violated all pledges made
Russia’s deepest fears have been realized by Eric S. Margolis*
The “post-Mobutist” Congo: The USA is betting on Rwanda
Congo – kleptocracy with no end in sight? (part 4) | by Peter Küpfer, former president of the “Association pour la Paix et l’Entente en Afrique (APEA)”
No country can live with a political lie for good
by Karl Müller
Reasoning against an “ice age” in East-West relations
Gabriele Krone-Schmalz outlines solutions | by Carola and Johannes Irsiegler
“To deny students the important literary texts means depriving them of their identity”
Interview by Alexandre Devecchio, “Le Figaro”, with Barbara Lefebvre*
The founder of mountain rescue
Doctor, chamois hunter, mountain guide and pioneer of accident medicine | by Heini Hofmann