No 5, 6 March 2018

The compass needle still points towards confrontation
For this very reason: More support for the voices of peace! | by Karl Müller
Switzerland in dialogue with Russia
Duma Members of Parliament visit Berne | by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller
A voice for peace with Russia
Letter of a retired German district president to the director of a museum in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad)
Nothing but NATO parties are running for elections
by Manlio Dinucci*
Why the Swiss sovereign would hardly agree to an institutional framework agreement with the EU
by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
New referendum on direct democracy started Government to remember election promises
from the editors of the Austrian “Wegwarte”
Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people.
A new parliamentary citizens’ initiative
The think tanks lodge themselves in the heart of the state
Expert networks try to paralyse all and any resistance to neo-liberal dogma | by Dostena Anguelova* and Roland Gori**, France
Resistance to non-transparent governance in the education system
by Urs Kalberer,
Pressure to perform and selection of the gifted instead of kindergarten?
by Felice Pensatore
Civic cooperatives – for the intergenerational cohesion in the community
“Bürger helfen Bürgern e.V.” (Citizens help citizens, registered charity), the civic cooperative Weingarten | by Heinz Schammert*
Events of the cooperative Zeit-Fragen/Current Concerns on the Leipzig Book Fair