No 8 ,   18 April 2018

German-Russian town twinning – a contribution to international understanding and peace
30th anniversary of the partnership between Volgograd and Chemnitz | by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller, Klaudia Kruck-Schaer and Tankred Schaer
Harassment around the Electricity Agreement Switzerland – EU
by Dr.-Ing. Ernst Pauli
A voice of humanity
Farewell to SRF foreign correspondent Iren Meier
The Skripal Incident – Another Anti-Russian Provocation
by Christopher Black*
Learning from history!
Germany needs to improve its relationship with Russia | by Karl Müller
Germany is the country in which the conflict would be carried out militarily
by Sigmar Gabriel, former German Foreign Minister
Disturbing acts of political vigilante justice
by Frank Elbe, former German Ambassador
Switzerland does not expel Russian diplomats
Austria does not expel anyone
Bulgaria carries out no expulsions, either
Václav Klaus criticises expulsions
Military laboratory – no proof of Russian origin
Wolfgang Kubicki: We need Russia
Wolfgang Kubicki: We need Russia
Cain, where is your brother Abel?
by Moritz Nestor