No 2, 23 January 2019

War and peace
The tasks of the historical sciences | by Wolfgang van Biezen
1244 – A Key to Peace in Europe
Defending Serbia’s right to the province of Kosovo and Metohija | by Marina Colic, Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals
The yellow vests movement or the unhealed wound of the 2005 referendum
by Arnaud Benedetti, France*
Lessons for democracy when looking at France
by Karl Müller
Legalising Cannabis – who will profit from it?
by Professor Dr med Jürg Barben, MD, FMH (Swiss Medical Association) Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, specialised in pulmonary diseases
Free-for-all in the cannabis industry?
by Dr rer. publ. Werner Wüthrich
Enough with “schbas” (fun)!
Objection against learning hindrance in our schools
Reflections on the popular initiative
“Stop urban sprawl – for sustainable urban development (urban sprawl initiative)” | by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
Education in the service of peace
To the book by Sara Randell “Ending the War — Operation Sunrise and Max Husmann” | by Dr phil. Winfried Pogorzelski
Cooperative Medical Centre Town of Tengen founded
by Jörg Sieg, Gottmadingen, Germany