No 6/7, 18 March 2019

Europe – federal-diverse, constitutional, democratic
by Professor Dr Heinrich Wohlmeyer
I appeal to the UN to protect Venezuela from the US attempted coup d’état
Open letter by Prof Dr iur et Dr phil Alfred de Zayas*, 23 February 2019
Yellow Vests: “The movement is legitimate and democratic” Interview with Ivan Rioufol, France*
Interview with Ivan Rioufol, France*
Consequences of the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with depleted uranium in 1999
First International Symposium in Niš, Southern Serbia, June 2018* | by Dr phil. Barbara Hug and Dr phil. Niels Peter Ammitzboell
The observance of the peace is imperative and responsible
by Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary in the German Ministry of Defence*
The observance of the law on peace would be responsible
by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer, Hanover*
Direct democracy – ideal path towards a peaceful Germany?
by Karl Müller
“Critique of Migration – Who Profits and Who Loses”
by Ewald Wetekamp
“Human rights must be lived”
Peace does not reign, peace must be brought about – Part 2 | by Moritz Nestor
Letter to the Editor
Introduction of the electronic health card (eGK) – unsafe health files
Alfred Escher and the democracy movement – Paving the way for modern Switzerland
by Dr rer. publ. Werner Wüthrich
Jaap ter Haar – “Boris” (“The Ice Road”)
The miracle of Leningrad in the young adult book | by Dr phil Diana Köhnen
How letterpress printing influenced the Zurich Reformation
Exhibition “Getruckt zu Zürich” – Letterpress and Reformation in Zurich | by Urs Knoblauch, culture journalist, Fruthwilen