No 8, 2 April 2019

Direct democracy is no computer game
Launch of the federal popular initiative “For a secure and trustworthy democracy (e-voting moratorium)” | by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
On such an important question, the people must have the last word
A conversation with National Councillor Franz Grüter, IT entrepreneur and president of the initiative committee
E-voting can not examine whether the result corresponds to the will of the people
Interview with Hernani Marques, Chaos Computer Club*
20 years after 24 March 1999 – the NATO war crimes against Yugoslavia must not remain unpunished
by Karl Müller
From currency war to military war
by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer
“The ultra-left is playing a decisive role in spreading violence”
Interview by Alexandre Devecchio (“Le Figaro”) with Eric Delbecque*, France
More direct democracy in Germany (part 1)
Referenda (popular votes) | by Christian Fischer, Cologne
The Cooperative Idea – A Cultural Heritage of Humanity
New publication by Zeit-Fragen publishing house
Work – necessary evil or fulfilment and self-realisation
by Marita Koch
Mary Ainsworth taught us how to understand our children and ourselves
by Klaus and Karin Grossmann*
Triumph of art over barbarism
On the documentary “The Miracle of Leningrad” and its historical background | by Dr phil. Winfried Pogorzelski