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No 10/11, 25 May 2016

If I had been supernumerary – I wouldn’t be here today ...
No to a barrier-free reproductive medicine | by Sylvia Flückiger, member of the National Council, Swiss People’s Party, Canton of Aargau
10 reasons for a No to the Reproductive Medicine Act, RMA
CRISPR Cas 9 – “We are far from understanding the ‘concert of genes’ in the human genome”
A Moratorium to protect the human genome is needed | by Dres  med Ursula and Walter Knirsch, Zurich
No to halving of the Swiss Armed Forces
Referendum against the WEA (“Weiterentwicklung der Armee” – Armed Forces Development) | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Main arguments for the referendum
Letter to the editor
“Our freedom is not threatened from the outside, from other states, but from inside, from our society and state of mind”
An obituary on retiered Brigadier General Dr Heinz Loquai
German media, Russia and the “anti missile shield” – PR and politics
by Dr Heinz Loquai, retired Brigadier General, Meckenheim, first published 7 May 2007
Again German tanks 150 km away from Leningrad?
Berlin is the capital of the Orwellian “Newspeak” | by Willy Wimmer
After the AfD party convention – Germany in a craze for campaigns?
by Karl Müller
Fulfil the journalistic professional ethics and the political culture of democracy
by Urs Knoblauch, cultural publicist, Fruthwilen (Switzerland)
Abysses located in reality
Novel by Middle East expert Michael Lüders “Never say anything – NSA”
Letter to the Editor 2
Angela and Barack in Hanover
Curriculum 21, competencies orientation, self-directed learning: The cantons are in the process of reforming schools fundamentally
Switzerland must not destroy its educational system | by Thomas Dähler
The “tablet” family
The tunnel-driver
Letter to the editor 3