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No 16, 29 July 2016

EU Eastern Policy and the new East-West Divide
The 1989 Revolution in Eastern Europe and the New World Order | by Prof Dr Peter Bachmaier*
What about protection of german citizens and german territory?
by Willy Wimmer, retired State Secretary
The Warsaw Summit documents a NATO avoiding the truth and preparing for war
by Karl Müller
Modern slavery? – Asylum seekers as a source of cheap labour
by Hansjörg Rothe
Who is in charge in our country? (Part 2)
by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
“Now it is the Parliament’s turn, it must assume political responsibility”
Interview with Professor Dr iur Andreas Glaser*
Automatic exchange of information: anticipatory Switzerland
by Pierre-Gabriel Bieri
“Syria between shadow and light – People talk about their war-torn country”
by Carola and Johannes Irsiegler
Looking for a beautiful picture book?
Free-range and suckler cow husbandry “
The handling of the animals has to be adjusted to the new situation” by Heini Hofmann