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No 26/27, 5 December 2016

Disaster of nuclear power in France
Newsworthy situation in light of voting on the Swiss Nuclear Phase-Out Initiative | by Dr-Ing Ernst Pauli
The Power of weak Radiation
by Dr med Ursula Knirsch, neurologist, and Dr med Thomas Lippmann, psychiatrist
Switzerland as a research and training center and the EU bureaucracy
A little more self-confidence would be a good thing for Switzerland | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Europe and the new US president
by Karl Müller
The United States has a new president – Switzerland has still the same interests
by Pierre Gabriel Bieri
“Future belongs to free cooperating countries”
Interview with François Asselineau, President of the French UPR party
Attacks on the sovereignty of the national states
by Prof Dr Ilias Iliopoulos
TTIP – Political aspects (Part 3)
by Dario Rivolta*
UN-Expert Group calls for legal binding instrument against tax avoidance
by Prof Dr iur et phil Alfred de Zayas, UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order*
Children are hopelessly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse
Ambivalence and Hypocrisy of Politics in Dealing with Crimes against Children | by Manfred Paulus, Detective Chief Inspector, ret., Germany*
Trojans from Berlin: The “Digitalpact#D”
Statement and petition by the Society for Education and Knowledge (registered association)
Letter to the editor
About the importance of education
The Human Being – A Miracle of Development
An unjustly forgotten plea for humanity | by Moritz Nestor
Family in the German Democratic Republic, GDR