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No 29/30 31 December 2016

The NATO campaign against freedom of expression
by Thierry Meyssan, Damascus
War on “fake news” part of a war on free speech
by Ron Paul, USA
“Aleppo and Mosul, two besieged cities”
by Renaud Girard, French war correspondent, specialised in geopolitical issues, France
“The American view of things is presented to the world”
Interview by Sputniknews with Willy Wimmer
The tasks of the new US-administration
by Myret Zaki, chief editor of the french-Swiss business journal “Bilan”
Ensure the Swiss model
by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Deliberate Demise of the Swiss Army
by Prof Dr Albert A. Stahel
“The result shows that we can resist bureaucracy and centralism, if we work together”
Interview with Leo Tuor*
Germany in transition
by Karl Müller
Letter to the editor
Family in GDR
Language is more than just communicating
by Dr Eliane Perret, special education teacher and psychologist
About the value of reading
by Renate Dünki
Why a reading book?
Epilogue for family and school | by Rita Brügger, Renate Dünki, Ursi Felber*
Being “fellow sufferer”
by Moritz Nestor, psychologist
Contribution concerning education issues
by Dr phil Elisabeth Nussbaumer, psychologist and Sonja van Biezen, dipl psychologist FH
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht
von Hermann Hofmann