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No 31,   15 December 2017

The decisive will to peace is a great force
An interview with Dr Daniele Ganser
Comments on the Nobel Peace Prize
Interview with Fredrik Heffermehl
Food security initiatives for the third time – let’s give it a chance!
People’s initiative “For food sovereignty. Farming affects all of us” | by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
Germany in autumn … 2017
by Karl Müller
“Political thinkers in the early modern period” or: Against amnesia of the other German history
by Moritz Nestor
Natural law and popular sovereignty – important elements of democracy in Switzerland (part 1)
Ignaz Paul Vital Troxlers conception of democracy | by Dr phil. René Roca, Research Institute Direct Democracy1
Physicians in Reverence for Life
Statement on the European Region Meeting of the World Medical Association (WMA) 16th and 17th November 2017 in the Vatican
Old? – Of course, why not
Poems by Franz Hohler – not only for older generations | by Dr phil. Winfried Pogorzelski
Dunant must not be forgotten
Two lovable books – recommended for reading
Bücher zum Lesen und Verschenken