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No 18, 12 August 2018

Erika Vögeli
The sovereign state is indispensable – especially in a globalised economy
by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
Safeguarding and expanding rights – securing prosperity
US domestic policy sabotages détente with Russia
by Hannes Hofbauer*
Words from Helsinki, which the world has been waiting for
by Willy Wimmer
The West’s fury and bitterness about Russia’s successes
Following on from the modest movement towards détente achieved at the Putin-Trump meeting, what next? | by Brian Cloughley*
French major enterprises have to abandon their commercial activities in Iran
by Hayat Gazzane, Le Figaro, Paris
Is “Antifa” the German mainstream?
This is now how the country will not come to rest | by Karl Müller
Driving bans for diesel?
A plea for more objectivity | by Rainer Schopf
Why I like to be a Swiss
by Wolfgang van Biezen
The value of language teaching
For the preservation of the ancient languages | by Thibault Mercuzot, Delphine le Corfec and Patrick Beugnet – France