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No 9,    2 May 2018

Backgrounds to the crisis in Venezuela
by Prof Dr iur. et phil. Alfred de Zayas*
“We have to stop wars”
Interview with David Beasley, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme*
“If we don’t want a war, there is no way around a policy of détente”
Interview with Gabriele Krone-Schmalz*
USA – Declaration Against the Expansion of the Syrian War
France cannot be proud of bombing Syria
The French want a strong leadership, but an independent one | by Roland Hureaux*, France
No reason to rise the all-clear signal
by Karl Müller
We must not let ourselves thoughtlessly being drifted into war
Prudent British voices on the crisis over Syria
The digital transformed and individualised school – an economistic concept without any pedagogical foundation
by Dr Marianne Wüthrich
Natural law and popular sovereignty – important elements of democracy in Switzerland (part 2)
Ignaz Paul Vital Troxlers conception of democracy | by Dr phil. René Roca, Research Institute Direct Democracy1
Nursing – an eternal profession
by Moritz Nestor
Even in medicine it depends on the concept of man
An important book: “Allergien und Phobien, ein Tsunami der Zivilisation” | by Dr med. Thomas Lippmann